“Bangerz” Bangs my head into a wrecking ball

miley-cyrus-bangerz-album-coverJust when you thought that Miley Cyrus was finally out of the public eye and we could all finally stop hearing about her, she decides to come out with her new album “Bangerz”. From all the hype that Cyrus has acquired, let’s just say that all attention isn’t good attention. My expectations for the new release haven’t been very high. As I sat down to listen to the music, I now realize why. Oh, and by the way, just because your father makes music doesn’t mean you should too.

One of the songs that stood out to me was “4×4”. Although difficult to call a song and even harder to listen to, this track featured the rap artist Nelly, but the song itself was country. Despite the fact that Nelly has previously featured on country songs before, those had been hits while this one is… interesting to say the least. The chorus gets pretty old after the first five seconds of hearing it while the verses have no significant meaning whatsoever. The tune is actually quite similar to the song “Hoedown Throwdown” that she made back in her innocent Hannah Montana days. I’d recommend that version over this one anyday.

The next track that pierced my ears was “Love, Money, Party” which goes back to Cyrus’s genre of rap. The song is just about as profound as the title which repeats those three words throughout the whole thing. At least it’s kind of a catchy tune, although it’s just that; catchy.

While the album does have its fair share of bad tunes, it does however have a few worthwhile tracks. Besides the fact that “Wrecking Ball” had a lot of controversy over the video, the song itself tells the story of a girl whose breakup tore her apart and wrecked her. It’s definitely the best of the album but even still is a worthy listen. Miley’s video not only was the topic of discussion, it also broke the record for the most Vevo views, which was previously held by Miley herself for “We Can’t Stop”. No matter the quality of her music it looks like Ms. Cyrus isn’t going away for awhile.


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