This is how she roars

With Katy Perry being one of the most popular singers right now in America, a concert put on by her would of course be as popular too. On August 16 Katy Perry came to the Louisville KFC Yum! Center and performed in front of thousands of her screaming fans.

The concert started out with a new singer called Ferrace, as well as Kacey Musgraves, a young country singer who just started her career. After the two opening acts finished their songs, around an hour passed before Perry came out, making the wait even more anticipating.

Finally when Perry came out, she didn’t disappoint. She opened with her most recent and known song ‘Roar” and combined it with another song of hers.

The concert consisted of bright colors, floating objects, and bendy dancers. Perry not only sang her own songs but performed choreographed dances with her “band” as well. She sang everything from her first hit singles, to songs off of her newest album, Prism.

Perry kept the concert pumped throughout most of the night, only mellowing it out a little to show off her vocals and talents by singing slow and powerful songs as well.

The Prism tour continues for the rest of the summer and into the beginning of fall, and Katy Perry’s show is definitely one to catch.  

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