If I stay, or if I go now

Recently released into theaters “If I Stay”, directed by R. J. Cutler, is based off the 2009 book by Gayle Forman. Both the movie and the book are about a girl who is in a coma and while trying to figure out her choice to either stay or go, has a few flashbacks to memories before the accident. The movie is sad and has a lot of similarities to the book but also a lot of differences. !

Some of the similarities are some phrases. For example in the book there is a part where Mia says “As long as you don’t switch me to decaf.” Her mom replies, “That would be child abuse.” They kept that exact phrase in the movie and a ton of others. Most of the settings are about the same, but some are different. For instance the part where they are playing each other in the movie is on a boat dock and in the book it’s Mia’s bedroom. You will also notice that some roles were changed between the book and the movie. Like one person would say something in the movie to another person then in the book it would be role reversal. There were also some characters left out in the movie or not mentioned that were in the book. The book also had a few more flashbacks than the movie. For example it tells about how Kim and Mia became friends. The book also told you about the characters more in depth. For example, told about Kim and her mom and how they are Jewish. Those are some similarities and differences. ! The movie was beautifully done and the actors portrayed the characters well. The book was great too. It’s very easy to follow even with all flashbacks. If I were you I would definitely read the book and then see the movie.!

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