Scramble on the golf course

For most, prom seems light years away; the finale of the school year. However, for the Class of 2016 officers prom couldn’t be any closer. As part of their class duty, the junior officers have the responsibility of raising the money for prom which is around a $10,000 ordeal. Prom fundraising endeavors must begin early and the 2016 class is about to kick off their biggest money earner yet. 

This Sunday, August 31, is the date of the Class of 2016 Golf Scramble. With hole sponsors bringing in $100 a piece and teams raking up $160, the class has high hopes that they can reach their goal of $2,500. 

“We’re really hoping the Junior Class Parents pick up the pace with gathering teams. After-prom is their job and they need a little encouragement in getting the amount of teams that are needed,” said Ryan Matheis, junior class sponsor. 

With possible rain on the horizon, weather is another factor being brought into consideration of the successfulness of the scramble. 

“We’re all really hoping that any rain will hold off at least until we are finished. A lot is riding on this scramble and we’re all really trying to avoid any possible thoughts of cancellation,” said Evan Howser, junior class vice president.

As of now, a cancellation has not been made but rain dates are being considered. 

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