You Work Where?!

Students work many different places and even in a town as small as Scottsburg, there are an endless amount of jobs that students can have. Instead of trying to cover them all, this has broken down into three common jobs in Scottsburg, and what the advantages and disadvantages of working.

Working the ice cream business, Brittany Stidham (11), earns $7.25 an hour. She also says that managers and her fellow employees are amazing.

“The managers are great. They joke around with us, and they are very understanding. My fellow co-workers are like my best friends. I don’t know where I would be without them,” she said.

“The schedules,” she said, “are really convenient for students because they try their hardest to make the schedules the way that you want it.”

The one downside to Chillers is the fact that it is really small so there are fewer job opportunities, and it is only a summer job, meaning that in the cold months, there is no more job.

The second place that offers student jobs is the YMCA. The Y has a variety of jobs available, from lifeguarding to cleaning. One student, Ryan Everett (12), works there and isn’t overly excited about the job.

“The managers are fine, and they work with a lot of high school student so they know how to work around schedules,” he said

He states the one downsides is the pay, which stays at minimum wage.

The third job is McDonalds. Tiffany Couch (11), works there, earning $7.50 an hour, but starting out at $7.25.

“Some of the managers are rude and lazy, but for the most part they’re good.”

There are also advantages, because the owner offers to pay a certain amount on college student textbooks.

“They try to work on the schedules,” she said. McDonalds is also constantly hiring new employees to work.  

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