Movie Remakes Sink or Swim

Movie remakes tend to be hit-or-miss. A remake is judged by being compared to the original and it seems like it’ll either be an excellent remake or a less-than-stellar chance at creating a movie that was better off being left alone. There is nothing wrong with making a movie remake as long as the film stays true to the original. Some do this while others seem to do the exact opposite and tend to tarnish the original film.!

Movies like Planet of the Apes, a classic movie from the 60’s, and A-Team, a popular television show from the 80’s, were remade and were considered and still are considered disappointments due to straying from certain elements from the originals that made them so popular. These two movies just couldn’t own up to the expectations of the original films before them and met much scrutiny from critics and fans. This is why it might be better for movie remakes to be limited and only done if necessary.!

Now not all remakes disappoint, though. The remake of the classic movie True Grit (1969) starring movie icon John Wayne was remade and starred Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, who was the character Wayne had portrayed in the original. The remake was considered better than the original with universal claim from many critics. This film proved movie remakes could be just as good as the original.!
Overall, a movie remake has a better chance at failing instead of succeeding because of the expectations from the original movie are cast upon the remake. There are times that a remake will surprise and hit it’s mark and prove it can be better than the original. Maybe movie remakes aren’t such a bad idea after all. !

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