Physic(al) Music

In the past two weeks, Mr. Robert Deirth’s physics classes have been working on an unique project. They were challenged to build an instrument that could play at least four notes, and then they had to tune the notes to the right frequencies.

“This project was really cool. I learned a lot of the behind the scenes stuff about tuning an instrument. My favorite part was being able to build my own instrument and it actually work,” said Daniel Miskell (11).

The project falls under the waves and sound unit of this semester. While working on the project, the students also had lectures in class about finding the different parts of a wave, as well as learning about the properties of sound.

“I think this project is a good way to get students involved in their work. It is better to have hands-on activities rather than just sitting and having only lectures to learn about waves,” said Deirth.

Another part to this project was the use of the Media Center’s green screen. The students had to create videos of them playing the instrument, doing several calculations, tuning the notes, among other things.

Now the mystery of why several upperclassmen have been wandering through school carrying trombones and xylophones is solved. This project has been part of the curriculum for the past two years, so incoming physics students have something to look forward to.

“I think this project has been really successful, and the students seem to like it. It is a good way to get all the students involved,” said Deirth.

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