“Cinderella” does not disappoint

Everyone has heard or seen the animation version of Disney’s “Cinderella”. What most people haven’t seen is the real life portrayal of it. “Cinderella” hit theaters this past month, and made $70.1 million the opening weekend, according to Weekend Box Office.

Although the movie is exactly like the story that’s been told for years, it has a new spin on it and a peculiar sense of humor and costume details. Throughout the movie, Cinderella goes through various chores for her evil stepsisters and stepmother, just like she does in the original fairytale. However, the newer movie seems to take place closer to modern day today instead of older days.

Lily James, made her break with the new and improved “Cinderella” movie. Portraying the Disney princess very well with blonde hair and fair skin, she acts just like the cartoon Cinderella would if she was a real life person. Other characters didn’t fail to impress as well. The fairy godmother is just as witty and quirky as always, while the stepsisters are as ugly and mean as ever.

The movie did a great job at replaying the fairytale we all knew and loved, and it was definitely worth paying $11 at the theater.

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