Insurgent Review

Recently released into theaters is second in line of the Divergent series: Insurgent.  It was all over the place. I feel like they were trying so hard to make it follow the book in such little time that they left out things and made it feel like it was just a sloppily made movie. In the beginning it was a bit slow. They start in Amity then go to see Four’s mom with the factionless after they go to  to Candor where they gave her the truth serum. They go back to the factionless, after Tris saved Christina from the forced suicides, to stop more suicides she goes to Janine. Then while in Janine’s hands she goes through a bunch of tests, one in each category because she is 100% Divergent to open a box which reveals the message from a long time ago from the people who set up the factions. While at the testing facility, Peter of all people help Tris and Four escape which you know from the books. Then the factionless show up after getting the mind controllers out of the Dauntless that were put in them in Divergent. Most of the movie seemed rushed. When Tris was being tested to open the box it was also hard to follow because you didn’t really know what was real and what wasn’t. Over all it was a descent movie. The ending was spot on though. I loved the ending but you will have to go see in order to find out what happened.

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