Handbook Revamp


  1. Athletic Director Al Rabe
  2. Girls’ Basketball Coach Donna Cheatham
  3. Boys’ Soccer and Boys’/Girls’ Swim Coach Jason Carter
  4. Girls’ Golf Coach Bob McGannon
  5. Student Athlete Madeline Parker (Junior)
  6. Student Athlete Levi Elliott (Junior)
  7. Student Athlete Taylor Funk (Sophomore)

Rabe opened the meeting by explaining that there are problems with the athletic handbook and the Warrior/Warriorette Code of Conduct. Rabe also explained the unique opportunity of this committee to revise the rules of the Athletic Handbook to better serve its purpose in setting up appropriate guidelines and rules for athletes at Scottsburg High School.

As the committee read through the document, several points were brought up.

The first discussed topic was grades. Several points were brought up by the committee, and it was decided that the new proposal for a policy would be to follow IHSAA guidelines when it came to academics. The following reasons are considered to be the rationale of the committee in this decision: Sports and the athletes in them would be unfairly penalized by having further grade requirements pressed on them than on members of other school activities, most cases of grade requirements should be decided upon by the coach of the sport, too strict of rules can eliminate athletes from sports thus eliminating said athlete’s interest in academics, and that the “2 contests” requirement is not proportional in every sport (i.e. some sports play 9 games and other sports could play 20+ games).

Under the document’s heading of “Athletic Award Guidelines” it was decided that an athlete must complete the season (excluding those unable to play because of injury) in order to be eligible for/receive awards for any of the season’s athletic accomplishments. Further requirements for receiving the award would be decided upon by the coach of that sport.

The section regarding impact testing for athletes is to be taken out.

There is still to be more talks regarding revisions before new policies will be presented to the School Board, but these changes are the ones that received quick unanimous agreement from the committee.

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