Physics Museum in Class

This past week, Mr. Robert Deirth’s physics classes turned in a unique project. They created musuem-style exhibits and set them up around the room. They are finishing up their optics lesson, covering lenses, mirrors, waves, etc. After brainstormed a list of ways optics are perceived/created, each class split into partners and picked a topic. The project began before spring break and finished at the beginning of this week (April 6).

“With this topic being about light and able to be physically demonstrated, I thought the exhibit idea would work. It worked well because we were able to see experiments that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. We also used QR codes which use optics information so it just made sense to use them,” said Deirth.

According to the rubric, students had to be able to identify the emitter, receiver and type of wave the optics instrument used, as well as some historical information. They also had to have an interesting central visual component, such as a diagram, model or experiment. As the week progressed, students walked around viewing each others’ exhibits, writing down likes/dislikes and facts they learned.

“It was cool to see everyone’s visual element and experiments. It was a pretty fun project, and much better than just making a bunch of videos,” said Jordan Shuler (11).

Some examples of the project were tanning beds, the human eye, fireflies, polarized sunglasses, X-Rays, night vision, thermal vision, television, etc.

“Though they had the same topics as students from last year, this group greatly improved on some exhibits. They had more thourough research and better products and visuals. It went pretty well I think,” said Deirth.

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