Kyle Baker’s Benefit

Written By: Chelsea Mills, Staff Writer

After senior Kyle Baker was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, SHS students and staff banded together to encourage him in his time of need. Mindy Brown, close family friend to Baker and member of the SHS baseball Booster’s a big helper for the Kyle Baker benefit for Kyle Baker. The Austin baseball team members and families are also helping raise money for the event as well as the Scottsburg baseball booster.

Mindy Brown said, “I thought the event would be a good idea because I am really close, and to help raise money for his medical expenses.”

The benefit will be held April 20, at the baseball field at 5 p.m. It will be before the Austin/Scottsburg varsity baseball game. Baker says anyone is welcome to come and is very happy to see both Scott County districts come together and be supportive. People from Austin and people from Scottsburg will be attending the benefit for Kyle to show their support. Principal Ric Manns says the benefit is to help support the Baker family.

Baker said, “I am very thankful to be apart of such a caring and supportive school and county. The fact that both districts are coming is amazing knowing that that many people know about me and my story.”

There are plans for many people to be attending the event.

Athletic Director, Al Rabe said, “The event is a donation towards Kyle and his family. Many people have already donated things like hot dogs, buns and drinks.”


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