With the day in age we live technology is provided at our fingertips, and music can be downloaded super quick. Records were popular during the late 50s and were played on a traditional record player. Now, with them making a come back, they can be used for more than just listening to music.

Many albums and artists of todays generation are being put on vinyl records such as: Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey and Meghan Trainor. They are becoming popular because the hipster edgy feeling is coming back.

While records have always been used for listening to music, they can also be used for decoration in homes and bedrooms.

“They represent peoples lives and what they cared about. And they look great! They are both vintage and modern,” said Ciara Smith, (12).

Records sparked the music industry and gave artists a way to let fans listen to their music on their own time.

“Basically vinyl is choice, it just has this quality about it that some how brings out the true tones of the music. Everything from the soft white noise in the background to the occasional skip gives the album much appreciated character, I just love it”!, said Lydia Thornberry (10).

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