Create a Summer Calendar

We all know that this summer is going to be one of our shortest, being that we get out June 8 and come back Aug 5. That is a little over seven weeks, less than two months. We all want to do so much in summer and with the shortening this summer the best thing I can think of is to plan it out. Plan out your summer so you know some things that you want to do, birthdays, holidays, movie releases, free events, graduation parties and just things you need to remember.
I am going to give you a website where you can create your own calendar.
Here are something you may want to remember:

June 21 Father’s Day
July 4 Independence Day

June 5 Spy and Insidious 3
June 12 Jurassic World
June 26 Ted 2
July 1 Magic Mike 2 and Terminator
July 10 Minions
July 24 Pixels
July 31 Mission Impossible

Other events:
July 25 March for Scott County
July 12-17 Scott County Fair

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