Debunking online rumors

Written by Emilee Davidson

With modern day people obsessed with technology and with more and more aspects of every day life moving to the Internet, there are a lot of rumors that go around. A lot of people believe everything that they see on the Internet, but obviously not everything is a true. A few tips to avoid falling for the rumor trap include doing the majority of the debunking yourself. Google or other search engines are great tools to help you figure out if something you see online is true or not. There are many sites that are solely for the purpose of debunking rumors, and these will usually pop up once you search for whatever you’re looking for.

One of the more popular sites for this is Snopes. On this website, you can search keywords about the rumors or anything that you may have seen on the Internet and you would want to debunk. When you search, many links come up about the keywords you have searched and even other related terms and rumors are listed as well. Since no one can ever believe everything they see on the Internet, Snopes along with other sites like it, are great resources to use when trying to find out the truth for yourself.

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