Vera Bradley needs washing

For many girls and women, Vera Bradley items are the new “thing” to sport. From eyeglasses to purses Vera Bradley is being used by many. For the Vera Bradley purses, handbags and wallets, dirt stains can become a handful. It’s easy to stain Vera Bradley purses, but it’s even easier to clean them!

Barringers is a local flower shop with retail Vera Bradley’s. According to them, the secret is, “As long as there is no cardboard, you can throw them in the washer and let them air dry,” said a local employee of Barringers.

According to, with no cardboard or leather it is safe to wash in the machine. However, for pieces with cardboard inserts, leather trim or small stains, use a damp white wash cloth or towel with warm water and stain remover.

If a Vera Bradley is machine washed make sure to flip your Vera inside out and remove all of the small bits and pieces that may collect at the bottom. Use laundry spot remover on any noticeable  stains on the outer bag without saturating the area. Put your bag into the washing machine on the gentle cycle and cold water. Reshape the bag and hang on a clothes hanger to allow it to air dry thoroughly. Once completely dry, re-insert cardboard inserts to help the bag keep its shape. It is recommended to use detergent for cotton fabrics and not delicates.


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