Sponsorship requests require teamwork


Staff Editorial: 

From equipment to uniforms, sports teams cost a lot of money to outfit and maintain every year. Teams spend all year raising money by doing everything you could possibly imagine. Several sports and clubs send out letters without coordinating with each other, so some businesses are likely to receive letters multiple times a year requesting financial support for SHS activities. This seems to us, The Booster staff, an annoyance that could be easy enough to fix.


Once a year, letters should be sent out to all businesses in Scott County from the SHS Athletic Department requesting monetary sponsorships. Businesses who are willing to donate should then be able to specify a particular sport or sports team or simply choose a general fund that will be split evenly between all IHSAA recognized sports. This letter should also include an option for businesses to no longer be contacted for sponsorships. This would solve a simple annoyance and allow a level playing field for all sports in need of money no matter what season they play in. We at The Booster feel this would be a better and more efficient way to raise funds.

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