Much more than just a meal

If you’re up with the birds this Saturday, March 12, the FFA is holding its annual AG Day Breakfast. An almost 35 year tradition, the FFA will serve sausage, eggs and biscuits and gravy as well as milk, coffee and orange juice to easily over 1500 people for 50 cents. You can get a carryout order of food but drinks are not included.

“We started selling tickets for 50¢ to represent the approximate share that a farmer gets from a meal at that value in the market, which is extremely low. It has served as an educational community event for the FFA, “ said Sara Edwards (11), co-vice president.

The breakfast isn’t meant as a fundraiser for FFA and only happens annually with the support of the community.

“We honestly don’t make anything from it, and the Farm Bureau helps waiver the cost of everything,” said Edwards.

She added, “The sausage is donated by Kevin Hardin every year from one of his hogs, the eggs from Rose Acres egg farm and then the biscuits and gravy from the school. Save A Lot donates the milk and OJ, so we heavily rely on many donations.”

The parents of FFA members and other adults volunteer their time to cook and serve the food during the breakfast.

Even though it’s called the Ag Day Breakfast, it’s much more than a meal.

“Signature counter tops and HS Welding and Machine donated large ticket items around $300 each. Customers pay one dollar per ticket and all donations are going to the greenhouse. People choose which of their tickets go towards which items,” explained Emily Pfaffenbach (12), Scottsburg FFA Chapter President.

Mr. Ken McMichael, Scottsburg FFA advisor, will also be judging a pie eating contest.

“The pie contest is open to the entire community. Anyone can bake a homemade pie and bring it in,” explained Pfaffenbach.

Entry is not free.

“There’s an entry fee of $5. Ken will go around and test taste all the pies and the winner gets half of the entry fees while the rest goes to the greenhouse,” said Pfaffenbach.

A food basket will also be raffled off. Everyone who eats the breakfast can enter a ticket for the basket.

Also, the local radio station, i105.3 will be broadcasting during the breakfast, interviewing people, and raffling off prizes.

“It’s a great way for the community to get involved and donate towards the greenhouse,” said Pfaffenbach.
Doors will be open at 6:30 a.m. and festivities wrap up at 9 a.m.

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