Grateful for the staff at the Grace Cafe

Co-writers: Alex Combs and Levi Elliott

The sweet tea is sweeter, the prices are a little lower and the staff is much more delightful. Those three things sum up Scottsburg’s newest edition to the square, The Grace Cafe. The Grace Cafe is very similar to The Coffeehouse. It actually takes up the building that the original Coffeehouse was in. It has a very relaxed atmosphere that made for an overall pleasurable experience. 

The food wasn’t extremely different overall from what its predecessor was. There is a similar menu and offerings. The dessert cookies and brownies have been replaced by muffins and miniature cinnamon rolls, which are offered for only a dollar. The coffee was excellent. It lacked the overpowering taste that was a staple of The Coffeehouse, but rather the drink was smoother. The taste was also even throughout the entire coffee, instead of settling down towards the bottom to make the end of the drink a miserable experience.

We would like to suggest this restaurant as an ideal lunch spot. It also would make an excellent place for post-school snacks or meals, or a friend date. The cafe could also be an ideal place to take that person you’re not really sure if you’re ready to commit to a full dinner with. It gives off a classy, yet casual vibe.

However, what really set The Grace Cafe apart from any other dining spot in Scottsburg was the friendly service. We were greeted as we walked to the register, given plenty of opportunities for drink refills, and waited on by the admirably attentive and courteous staff. The staff at The Grace Cafe enjoy their work, which obviously overflows to create a great sense of attitude and service.

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