SHS Athletics: A familiar face gets a new job

IMG_6676On July 1, 2016, Mr. Jamie Lowry will officially take over as SHS athletic director.  

“I have always loved Scottsburg athletics and here recently it’s something I’ve had a strong desire to do,” Lowry said when asked why he wanted to be athletic director.

Lowry has a high opinion of Scottsburg Athletics as they are currently run.

“Really the athletics department is probably in the best shape it’s been in in a while,” said Lowry. He said he appreciates the work Al Rabe has done to bring in good, new coaches for football and volleyball. Lowry said good coaches and a strong athletics program are important for keeping current students and convincing new students to come to SHS.  

Although Lowry does not have any experience as an athletic director, he has worked closely with Scottsburg’s athletic program for years. For 15 years, Lowry has announced Scottsburg and Austin basketball games for the radio station I105.3.  

“Working the radio for 15 years you experience the athletic director at every school; they either make you or break you,” said Lowry.

He said he has experienced some great athletic directors who were always prepared for him to come announce the games, and he has experienced some who were very unprepared. He said being around good athletic directors has helped him better understand what goes into the job as well as what makes the difference between a good and bad athletic director.

“I think being  as an SHS graduate you kind of take a little more pride. It’s a different pride you take since it is your school,” said Lowry.

He reiterated that Rabe and previous athletic directors have done a great job, but he thinks his personal connection to SHS will be an asset.

He said, “It makes you do things above and beyond because it is your town and your school.”

Although Lowry is proud of Scottsburg athletics, he is excited about bringing some new ideas to the department.

“There are a lot of things we could improve on, facilities wise, but that’s going to happen because basically we’re getting new football field, soccer field and baseball field because those will be sprigged with Bermuda grass as soon as the school year is over,” said Lowry.

Another immediate task Lowry will face upon taking the job is the hiring of a new varsity basketball coach.  

Lowry would also like to improve the relations between coaches.

“I’d really like to get it to be more of a family atmosphere amongst the coaches, knowing that they’re sharing these kids among different sports,” said Lowry.

He said since most students will not go on to play college or professional sports, he wants to make sure students have the opportunity to participate on as many teams as possible in high school.

The thing Lowry seemed most excited about was improving the athletic department’s social media presence. “[We will] be out there more on Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, because you basically cover three different age groups.”

He also wants to expand the website so it doesn’t just cover wins and losses. It would also include names of players and personal records.  

Lowry will be shadowing Rabe once a week for the rest of the school year, and in July he will attend a conference in Indianapolis for new athletic directors.

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