Lowry introduces Student Athletic Board

Athletic Director Jamie Lowry, who was appointed to the position over the summer, has been developing a new idea that he hopes will get students more involved.

The Student Athletic Board (SAB), as Lowry described, is essentially “… the student council having a baby with the Athletic Department.” In short, the SAB will be made up of students who have a passion for sports but who may not have the athletic ability to be apart of them.

Those apart of the SAB would have to be role models representing Scottsburg High School and would also attend and assist during sports functions.

Lowry has sign up sheets in his office and is taking applications until Monday, however, he will consider applications after the deadline. Also, both documents (the Code of Conduct and application form are linked below.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lowry at jlowry@scsd2.k12.in.us

Code of Conduct | Application

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