Bestseller to the big screen

The New York Times Bestseller, The Light Between Oceans, was recently made into a movie that hit theaters on Sept. 2, 2016. Just to see what all the excitement was about, I had to see this movie for myself.  As a terrible tragedy is put upon the main characters, Isabel and Tom, all I could do was watch hopelessly as they lost something very close to their hearts. Living in grief, the couple thought this was the end. Just as everything was slowly fading away, Isabel and Tom received a miracle. As something washes up in the ocean waters, the couple watches in awe. Along came Lucy-Grace, their new child.

I formed a bond with the characters just by simply watching. The film sucked you in, and tugged at every emotion. I was very drawn to the screen and didn’t even want to look away. The music fit the theme perfectly and made everything more intense. The characters portrayed their role phenomenally. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I definitely think it’s worth your time and money. I was no disappointed whatsoever and I do recommend seeing it.

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