My experience with Mom and Dad

“Rolling sound!” the director calls. The crane camera began to soar overhead preparing for the wide shot. “And… action!” At the moment of “action” there is no return. Over a hundred other students try to rush to our parents, but to no success. Teachers are in our way, and so are policemen. Even if we managed to get past them, a tall and strong fence blocked parents and children alike from being together.

That, well, was the mindset that I had to be in for one of the best experiences that I have ever been apart of. In mid-July I got an email that made this happen: I was picked to be an extra for Mom and Dad, a movie that will star Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage sometime next year. While there isn’t a whole lot that I can tell about the movie, I can state what IMDB has been given:

“A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids.” Or, in other words, parents are suddenly driven to kill their kids.

For the most part, doing the whole acting thing was not what it’s lived up to be. I arrived at Saint Xavier’s in Louisville around 6 A.M., and didn’t leave until around 8 P.M. Of those 14 hours, at least 10 were sitting and waiting in between shots in a smaller gymnasium with around 300 other people.

Out of all of the waiting, one of the best moments I experienced was during one of the main scenes that I was a partof. In short, we the students were rushing to our parents. But there were teachers keeping us back to protect us, while the policemen were attempting to calm our parents (who were behind a rather tall fence.)

Once they called action, all of us ran to our positions and began pushing against the teachers who were pushing us back. Somehow, I was pushed to a gap where no one was. Suddenly, a rather burly and hairy teacher appeared out of thin air and essentially popped in me in the chest with his hand. Between him pushing me back, and over 100 other students pushing behind me forward, I forgot what breathing was like for those few seconds.

Overall, the experience was actually really exciting. While I will not know what makes it to film until it comes out, it’s still exciting and nerve wracking to eventually find out.


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