Bicentennial to relay past SHS

    On Friday, Sep. 16, between the times of 1:00-2:30 P.M., the bicentennial torch will be passing Scottsburg High School. The torch will be traveling from Clark County on U.S. 31. On that day, during late 5th period and early 6th period, the torch will be making its way to the north. The list of Scott County torch runners will be: Al Riggle, Andie Myers, Clara Adkins Dustin Houchens, Ed Cozart, Frank Mays (someone will run in memory of him), Gordon Julian, James Barley, Landon Campbell, Leroy Williams, Pamela Gwaltney, Raymond Jones, Rick Rigel, Ron Atkins, Steve Gwaltney, Sue Jones, Taylor Means, and William Graham. Students will be allowed to watch the torch from the front lawn of the school. Teachers have the option of watching the relay with their class, or resuming class like normal.

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