Seniors: time to snap your close-ups

Senior year can bring a lot of responsibility: paying for your cap and gown, taking senior pictures, finishing all of the credits you need for your diploma, etc. “Everybody took senior pictures. I think we were expected to. Only a handful did not,” said Mrs. Tamah DePriest (senior class sponsor). Taking senior pictures used to be a very popular tradition, but some wonder if the trend is fading away.

“We struggle to get half of the seniors to turn in photos, but that does not mean they do not take them” said DePriest, who is also in charge of creating the graduation video.

Mrs. Shelby Nunley believes that it is still important to take senior pictures. “…it is important in having those memories to be able to show your kids and just to have them to look back on.”

Mitchell Meagher (12) said, “I am taking my pictures because my mom wants me to.”

DePriest also agrees with this tradition, “I understand that having professional pictures done is expensive, but it is nice to have. I still drag out my yearbook to remember familiar faces and memories.”

Students take senior pictures throughout the year. Sarah Petty (12) said, “I took my pictures over the summer. I think for some seniors taking pictures makes them feel special.”

Some juniors are already thinking about their senior pictures too. Megan Rosemeyer (11)  said, “I plan on taking my senior pictures during the summer before my senior year…” She also said, “Carrying on the tradition…is really important. Once you have graduated and years have passed, it is nice to have those memories to look back on.”


Hello, everyone!! I'm Abigail and currently I am a student and Scottsburg New Tech High-school. I also love to dance and I am a student at Diamond Dance Centre. I attend church at New Song Church with my family.

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