New Gaga album hits shelves

The days of the meat dress and crazy colored wigs are over. Lady Gaga released a new album on Oct. 21. The album is titled “Joanne” and differentiates itself from her previous albums. Joanne will be Gaga’s fifth studio album and contains the lead single, “Perfect Illusion”, which debuted at number one in France.

On Oct. 5, Gaga released another single off of the album, “Million Reasons”. This song, and “Perfect Illusion” tell the tale of a broken heart and a failed relationship. Gaga has stated in many interviews that she came up with the album title, Joanne, because it is her deceased aunt’s name. Some of the album’s songs reflect this, such as “Angel Down”, and of course, Joanne.

This album takes a quick swerve from her past pop/disco albums. If you’re looking for anything similar to “Bad Romance”, “Born This Way”, or even “Poker Face”, you won’t find it on this record. Lady Gaga remains soft spoken, and sings about touchy topics throughout the tracks. The album ranges anywhere from $12 to $16, the deluxe album being a little more expensive.


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