County Partnership to host theatrical drama

Many people love theatrical plays, they love them because they inspire laughter, grief, horror, suspense and mystery to their plots. Many love watching famous plays made by famous people such as Shakespeare and many others. On Saturday, Nov. 5, The Scott County Partnership  will host  a murder mystery dinner at  the Light Dance Barn. This dinner will be available to the public.

According to Lori Croasdell, “The play’s theme takes place in the 1920s where a actor/actress is murdered and the audience has to solve who the murderer is.”

This makes the play seem like a live action game of clue where you are actually using real people as the game pieces. Along with an interactive play, the audience is encouraged to dress up like the theme of the play to help make the atmosphere more realistic.

So far there are 18 people acting in the play  and some of them are some of scottsburg most known people such as Police Chief Scott Zellers, Prosecuting Attorney Jason Mount, Scott County EMS Trainer Tammy Davis, Dep Director of SCEDC An Walker, Ace Woodson, Curtis White,  Patti Hall and Lori Croasdell.

With 155 people wanting to see it, this is a event that you don’t want to miss. The Scott County Partnership is using this as a fundraiser to help pay for its programs that they sponsor.

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