Psychics is Fun at Johnson Elementary

From demonstrating theoretical concepts, everyday physics, and even playing on an actual hoverboard, Johnson Elementary students got to experience something that they will remember for the rest of their educational careers. Mr. Robert Deirth, science teacher, was invited to visit JES to be apart of a program aptly named “Physics is Fun.”

Deirth and his first period physics students travelled to Johnson for a day to introduce JES students to physics and how it works in everyday life.  Throughout the day, Derith and his class manned stations that each showed a particular concept in science. As the day went on, each grade in the building came to the stations and were shown in an engaging way.

While, for now, JES students may not entirely comprehend what they were shown, Deirth strongly believes that it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

“They might not have understood all of the explanations, but it would have stuck with them as they learned more.” Said Deirth.

Derith and his class were delighted with the experience. Needless to say, the best part of it all for everyone was possibly the hoverboard.

Deirth explained that the hoverboard was a leaf blower, and a base attached together. When the leaf blower was powered, it would hover off of the ground enough for students to take a ride on it.

“Nothing could compete with the hoverboard.” Derith said jokingly.

Overall, Deirth has felt like the day was a success for both parties at hand.

“You could definitely see that they did not know how they [the science] works.” Deirth said. “It’s almost better to leave them with a question of ‘why”, and spend the next eight to ten years learning why [the science works.]”

While Deirth believes Physics is Fun won’t happen again at JES anytime soon, he hopes he can do something similar again. He mentioned that all classes visited the fair, and would be counterproductive to do it again next year. Though, he still strongly stands that “… there was a lot of value to the program.”

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