Lexington Elementary Wins Blue Ribbon Award

  Lexington Elementary School recently won the National Blue Ribbon award. It’s an award that is given to schools who have shown great overall success in academic achievements. Its a great success to the school.

    “I have equated it to winning a National Championship in sports. Less than half of one percent of schools will win this award. We’ve already been blessed with an A and 4 star ratings from the state of Indiana, but it’s an amazing accomplishment to be recognized nationally for the work the school and its community have done. It really showcases everything we’ve done to make Lexington a tremendous school,” said Nick South, new principal at Lexington.

    On Thursday night, at Lexington Elementary there was a celebration for everyone in the community to come together. The award was brought back from Washington D.C. Thursday was the first time it was revealed.

   “There’s no one person or a group of people that are responsible for this achievement. It took a combined effort from all our teachers, staff, students, and guardians to make this happen. We really wanted a night to bring all those people together to celebrate,” said South.

   To win this award, the school had to create a document on how the school’s programs are, the community, achievements they had, and other things as well. The next step was waiting to hear back from the judging from the Blue Ribbon Committee, who hand selected schools who met their criteria.

   “I’m very thankful that we have such a dedicated staff that go above and beyond to help out the students. I’m blessed that we have tremendous community support that helps us out when we need it, and our students are incredible,” added South.


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