Sunshine and Student Council Head to State Conventions

On Nov. 3 and 4  the Sunshine Society and the Student Council of SHS went to conventions over the weekend. This is a public event, meaning every Student Council and Sunshine Society within Indiana is invited to come to these conventions.

The Sunshine Society led by their president Sara Thomas (11) left after school on Friday at 3:30 p.m. to Western Boone High School which is near Indianapolis and stayed in a hotel overnight. The next morning they met with the other school Sunshine clubs.

The reason that Sunshine meets there is because they talk about what they had done to fundraise at their schools, brainstorm for new ideas for fundraising this year, and help with raising money for the Riley Children’s Hospital. The girls also learned something through this according to Sara Thomas,

“We learned more fundraiser ideas for the club and a speaker came in and told us about who we are and how to reach your goals,” Thomas, said.  

On the Saturday of the same weekend, Sunshine went  to their convention the Student Council went to the Indianapolis Convention Center where they met with other student councils  from different schools to learn about leadership skills.

Kayla Morris (12) learned something new when she went. Morris said, “I learned how to make a tourniquet bracelet, great ways to break the ice when speaking to people and how to get out of my comfort zone.”

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