The Dwindling Christmas Spirit

As we get older, the joy of Christmas seems to dwindle away. It could be because retail has completely destroyed the meaning of what Christmas is. Instead of having one special day, Christmas seems to start in October, but there’s more. In the past couple of years there’s been no snow until after Christmas.

Plus the older we get the less exciting Christmas is, because the order of how it plays out is the same every year. Though age is also guilty for us getting jobs and making money, then we feel like we should buy others a present and try to make them happy.

The list doesn’t end there. Another example would be kids with split families. Forty-five percent of married couples in America divorce. A lot of kids are victim to family feuds and Christmas with both parents means more arguing.

Another reason would be that as we get older, our grandparents also age, and eventually our grandparents pass on and leave a hole in the Christmas celebration.

The biggest reason, however is that Christmas isn’t the same is because of technology. We become so technologically attached that while we’re busy updating our Facebook status, our family status is crumbling. We become too busy on social media that we forget what Christmas is really about.

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