New Albany Basketball Game

On Jan. 14, the Warriors faced the New Albany Bull Dogs on their home court. 2,366 people attended the game, not including the team’s, coaches, officers, workers, etc. 377 adult tickets and 153 student tickets were purchased on the GoFan App. New Albany had 316 adult tickets and 25 student tickets purchased on the app as well. The amount of pre-sell tickets for Scottsburg was 638 adult and 389 student tickets. The number of season pass/employee passes was 441 tickets. They made approximately $8356, although that is not  the final count. “It’s not official as I am waiting for New Albany’s check and to see what we did at the gates that evening,” said Athletic Director Jamie Lowry.

“GoFan app was a big hit with the fans that used it and also with some of the workers.  Some even mentioned that would be a nice way to do season passes and we would be able to track what all events they go to,” said Lowry.

The team took a near 60 point loss, but it was an important night for our team.

“The scoreboard may have said otherwise, but I believe we can take a lot of positives from the game. We didn’t back down from the challenge and competed to the best of our abilities, ” said Patrick Lincoln (10).  

The atmosphere of the game was “unbelievable,” according to head coach Brent Jameson.  

Mitchell Prince (10) said that playing in front of a crowd that big was “really cool and definitely a once in a lifetime experience.”

Playing a team of this caliber exposed the Warriors to a high level of basketball in the state. “What makes New Albany so tough to guard is that it is not just the Romeo show.

If you key in on Romeo, it can turn into a layup-fest for the rest of the guys,” said Jameson.

Taylor Funk (12) played New Albany last year and said, “this year it seemed like we competed more than we did last year. That might sound crazy because we got beat badly, but I think we are making progress.”

The team tried many different plays to keep the ball away from New Albany’s center, Romeo Langford, “unfortunately none of the approaches were very successful,” said Jameson.

Manager Destany Self feels that the team gave their best effort, given the top recruit, Romeo Langford coming in and stealing the show. Coach Jameson said that the Warriors will continue to “pound the rock” and will keep focusing on daily improvement.

Hello, everyone!! I'm Abigail and currently I am a student and Scottsburg New Tech High-school. I also love to dance and I am a student at Diamond Dance Centre. I attend church at New Song Church with my family.

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