More Online Classes Available.

           As students here at SHS, The Booster has found a lack of online electives offered. This is a struggle for many students who want to overachieve at getting more credits, but there are none to offer. We feel that being put in a study hall is a wasted credit, when we could be enrolled in an online elective. If students have taken all elective classes they have offered, they are interested in or if a schedule conflict arises, an online elective could be the answer.

          Although many productive electives are offered here, we feel that online classes here could give students exposure to be involved in something that could help with their career path. For example, if someone was wanting to take the career path for government, a civics class would be more beneficial for them to take.

With many students complaining some classes being crowded or too full, we believe that having online classes will help with the spacing. The classes that are offered in school should stay the same, but having more online options would benefit kids who like to work at their own pace, who have a lot of free time, who want to get more credits and who want to see if the career path they are currently on is right for them. Also, students would be less prone to being distracted by other students in the classroom. We believe that having a larger selection of online classes being offered will expose students to a new way of learning.

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