Water Crisis in Flint Michigan.


In Flint Michigan and East Chicago Indiana, the water is contaminated with lead from corrosion from the pipes. The lead levels can affect pregnant women and can cause problems with the fetuses. However, nothing is being done. The city of Flint has tried to switch back to the original water supply late last year. East Chicago has not had anything done yet. The damage has already been done and it can’t be reversed back. On Dec. 14, the mayor of Flint declared a state of emergency. East Chicago residents have been told that they need to move due to the problems with the water. The government is doing nothing to help out either city in their time of crisis.

Flint and East Chicago have been begging for help from the government and for something to be done with their water supply. The residents can’t even use the water in their houses due to the dangerous levels of e-coli, lead, and total coliform bacteria. The residents in East Chicago are being forced out of their homes. People shouldn’t have to move to move away and leave their lives behind just because the government refuses to move forward and help out the residents. It’s sad to think how much work the people in both cities have to do to even use the water in their houses for the most simple of things. They have to either filter everything or boil their water to make it sanitary for even the slightest use. This could happen to any city, anywhere. Which is a scary thought. One morning you could wake up and go turn on your shower water to see that there’s dirty water coming out. You could be forced out of your house and lose everything. Another major conflict is with pregnant women being exposed to the water. This causes problems with the fetuses. There could be birth defects, such as growth problems, and how the baby develops. Most other places in the United States can simply just walk over to their faucet, turn it on, pour some water in a cup and drink straight from the faucet without any concern or worries about what will happen to them when they take a sip. There’s so much that’s being taken away from the people due to having contaminated water. They have to worry about what they will find when they take showers, they have to worry about boiling the water and if there still be something wrong with it, and they also have to worry about their children accidentally drinking the water and risk getting sick. Also the residents are still having to pay for water. Contaminated water which has no use to them whatsoever.

Officials have made little attempts in trying to help the city and none of their actions have worked. The government has tried switching the water supply two times and both have failed miserably. It’s seems as if the government has given up on trying to help the city any more. There are still ideas that could be put to use and things that could be done to try and save the water supply and make it safer for the people in both cities. However, help for Flint Michigan and East Chicago Indiana is at a standstill and has been now for months on end.

This problem is close to home. What will happen if this problem appears in Scottsburg? Will the city also be denied of help and we have to wait for months and months until something is done?

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