New Kong movie stomps into theaters


A scientist stumbling across an undiscovered island is never a good thing, according to “Kong: Skull Island” anyway. When Bill Randa (John Goodman) discovers “Skull Island”, he makes it apparent that he has to make an expedition to the island. His reasoning behind this trip is that there are tales of huge creatures here, some of these creatures being the size of skyscrapers.

Once the crew of scientists gather a military unit to guide them, their voyage begins. After a lengthy boat ride, the team members jump aboard helicopters and head to the island. A massive storm strikes around the island, but the scientists demand the mission continues. Once the clouds clear, something much bigger appears. Kong.

Immediately, the film’s action begins. Seconds after immersing through the stormy clouds, multiple helicopters are down on the ground. The massive gorilla is stomping on people as their screams are heard throughout the forests.  Only around 10 members survive the crash, the rest perished after Kong’s wrath.

The team members are left to get to the north end of the island in the coming days, where transportation will arrive to take them back home. In the meantime, the actors find themselves faced with many other dangerous animals and tribal members of the forest. In the film, viewers will find out that Kong is not the animal the survivors should be worried about.

“Kong: Skull Island” doesn’t really connect to past Kong films. This movie is based in the forest, and takes place there the entire movie. “Skull Island” is placed in the past, around the Vietnam War. The film does a fantastic job showcasing what the era would be like. It’s runtime is also much shorter than previous Kong films.

“Kong: Skull Island” has a runtime of about two hours. The film is rated PG-13, but does include many gore filled scenes and a few curse words. Overall, “Kong: Skull Island” is a decent movie and has more pros than cons.

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