Boy’s Soccer team looking forward to bright future

     The boy’s soccer team have had open field all throughout summer, and also practice everyday. Coach Brandon Jerrell said that Jennings Country will most likely be one of their toughest opponents that they have faced this season.

    Jerrell is very optimistic on how his team will perform for their upcoming Warrior Cup, which will be held on Sep. 14, 15 and 16.

    “If we can stay healthy, there isn’t a team left on our schedule that we don’t a good chance of beating. Silver Creek, North Harrison, and Corydon are looking to be our toughest competition within our conference,” said Jerrell.

    Jerrell said the hardest games are out of their way now, which was against BNL and Seymour. The Warriors were defeated 3-0 by Seymour. Although, they held the team to only one goal in the first half. However, there are still a lot of upcoming games for the Warriors. Senior night will be held on Wednesday, Sep 27.

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