SHS students help the current Hurricane Harvey victims

While going over Texas, Hurricane Harvey became a Category four, but was then downgraded to a tropical storm. The storm reached land on Aug. 25, and lasted for a few days after.

Many Texans lost something in the floodwaters of Harvey. Leah Mulkey, a science teacher at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Texas, posted to Facebook a request asking anyone for donations for her 175 students. Leah Anne Becker, a teacher at Scottsburg High School, saw the post and immediately wanted to help.

Becker, who has been through a personal disaster herself, thought this would be a great way for her students to show their “empathetic and sympathetic sides.”

“The kids really want to make a difference,” Becker commented.

Becker is asking for school supplies: notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, glue sticks, etc. She has been given a total of 44 hygiene products, like toothpaste and such. Non-perishable snack foods are also being accepted. These include include things like peanut butter crackers, kool aid, chips and granola bars.

“We are getting as much as we can,” Becker said.

So far, Becker has collected 573 pencils, 114 composition notebooks and more. She has gotten quite a few snacks too: 27 packs of peanut butter crackers, 27 cheddar crackers, Dum Dum suckers and fruit snacks.

Her class has partnered with places in Jeffersonville and Paoli to increase the amount of donations they can get. She has also partnered with Stephanie Nussbaum and Stuckwish’s classes to package these items. Becker’s class is making scrapbooks for Mulkey. Becker wants to put a photo of every person who donated so that the people that get the items know who helped.

For people that have no money to buy items needed for the donations, Becker has said that people caring to help can pack up the boxes or write cards and letters to include in the care packages.

“You have no idea how much this is a blessing to my students,” Mulkey replied in an email to Becker.

If anyone would like to donate to Mulkey and her students, donations can be dropped off to room 302 in McClain Hall. The first shipment will be sent out Thursday, Sept. 8.

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