Violence, racism, and discrimination shake Charlottesville, Virginia

Violence, racism, and discrimination. These three words describe the events that should have never happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. White nationalists came to the city to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, supporters of the removal of the statue came to counter the protest. While the crowd was originally permitted to protest peacefully, violence erupted between the two groups, leading the city officials to deem it unlawful. City officials deployed riot police to remove the protesters when violent clashes occurred. More counter protesters took to the streets, wanting the white nationalist group out of Charlottesville. As police dispersed the crowds, James Alex Fields Jr. allegedly drove a silver Dodge Challenger into the crowds, damaging two more vehicles, injuring 19 people, and leading to one fatality. The violence during these events is unwarranted. While protesting alone is fine, the violence that occurred should have never happened. The protesting should have never escalated and lead to the death of a young female.

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