Boy’s Tennis team finishes off the week with a win

The boys’ tennis team has finished off a busy week with two wins and just one loss.

To start off the week, the team swept Henryville on Sept. 5 and won with a score of 5-0. The next day they faced one of the top teams in both the area and the state.

On Sept. 6, the boys’ fell 0-5 to Floyd Central, a team ranked 11th in the state and 2nd in the district.

Camden Jones (11) said that it was a hard fought match for everyone. “I was really proud of our performance,” he said.

For their final match of the week, the tennis team faced North Harrison, a team who was undefeated in the Mid-Southern Conference (MSC).

Mark Hays (11) said that he felt obligated to win because he wasn’t happy with the outcome of his match against Charlestown, another team in the MSC. “It was a very important match, so I felt the pressure to win,” said Hays.

Delivering the Cougars’ first loss in the MSC, the boys’ defeated North Harrison 4-1.

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