Racism around the world and close to home

One might wonder how racism could affect a small town like Scottsburg, IN, and there is, indeed, an answer. Today, the news is filled with reports of protests about Confederate monuments, but that is not the only form that racism can take. In a town with no Confederate monuments, racism is still present.

A few short months ago, Scottsburg experienced its own episode of racism, which the media dubbed, “gravesite vandalism.” This “gravesite vandalism,” consisted of anti-semitic messages written across the headstone of the Gladstein family, as well as two other gravestones that were covered in white spray paint. All of this occurred very close to home, in none other than the Scottsburg Cemetery, which is less than two miles away from the Scottsburg High School.

In the wake of recent events, this event may seem insignificant, but it does, in fact, prove that racism affects small towns. Scottsburg may not have protests concerning large monuments of Confederate men who died over a hundred years ago, but it does have its fair share of racism. This affects the relatives who suffer at the hands of it, who could be, in fact, students who attend SHS.


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