Brewed Awakening back up and running for the 2017-18 school year

The Brewed Awakening is now back in action. The Brewed Awakening has its goal set on another successful year, with some new surprises in store. The only sneak peak they are releasing is the seasonal lemonade slushy, but don’t worry, new slushy flavors have yet to be released. The Brewed Awakening is also bringing back the old coffee and cappuccino flavors and is looking around for new coffee or cappuccino flavors to add, as long as it improves business. The Brewed Awakening might need an extra hand, and the class presents many opportunities including business and communication learning skills. So if you have a free 4th period, consider giving the class a try. The Brewed Awakening staff will try to roll with some new changes, but they’d prefer to keep the Brewed Awakening as it always it.

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