Powder Puff tournament causes excitement for next years tournament

Homecoming week was filled with spirit activities for students to participate in. On Tuesday Sept. 26, girls took their turn on the Warrior Field.


Riley Pool (10) said, “The atmosphere before the game was very high energy. We were all excited to take our turn at playing football, even though we hadn’t practiced beforehand.”

Starting off the tournament, the freshman and the juniors played. The freshman came on top this game. Following suit, the sophomores and the seniors faced off. In this game, the sophomores won. This led up to the final game. The underclassmen would be facing off for supreme bragging rights. In this game, both teams were putting in the work to win, and went into triple overtime.

The game ended when Reina Helton made an interception and put the sophomores on top. Both teams have reported that they will be practicing for next year.

Written by Ally Justice
Photos by: Jaiden Herald

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