Yearbook adds board to the commons in the main building

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a board up in the lobby of the main building. The yearbook staff put this board together. Lauren Jeffries (10) and Kynleigh Watson (10) are the ones that run it, and they will add new things on there as the week goes by. Since football homecoming just happened, it will have a lot of homecoming pictures.

“The board shows the amazing pictures that we have taken. Since so many of them look so nice, more students should order a yearbook,” said Watson.

Order forms to buy the yearbook and a schedule of upcoming activities for that week are below the board on a table.

“I think the board is very important for students because it’s a great tool for them to see what goes on around the school, and gets them excited for the upcoming yearbook,” said Jeffries.


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