Cornucopia Farms opens for the fall season

Cornucopia Farms is open once again. It officially opened to the public on Sept. 9 and it closes for the season on Oct. 31. Cornucopia may be off the beaten path, but it is still a very busy place.

When walking into the main barn or store, it can seem to be very busy due to a limited amount of space. A lot of the barn is occupied by the store, while the rest is reserved for the cafe and children’s play area. 

In the barn store, there is a cafe of sorts near the back. Most of the food has a fall theme: pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread, apple cinnamon donuts and apple cider slushie. They also sell things like BBQ sandwiches, cookies and more. The food is not too expensive either.

The general admission for an adult is $9, which is a reasonable price for everything you are able to do with it. With the bracelet, you are able to enjoy the petting zoo, slides, corn and soybean mazes, wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and a lot of other things.

The most popular activity there is most likely the corn maze. It’s really fun to just walk around the maze and find the posts with the questions that you can answer on a card. They give you the card when you buy your admission bracelet.. The petting zoo has many animals that you can pet and feed (the feed costs more money). Cornucopia has lambs, pigs, cows and goats to pet.

Overall, I would recommend visiting Cornucopia Farms to families. It has a great environment for kids, and all of the activities are kid-friendly. It’s a great place for families to bond.

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