Haunted school in Oolitic, Indiana provides great entertainment

Nestled in the midst of Ootlic, Indiana is a former school building that has been renovated into an annual haunted attraction. Outside of this haunted school, a couple of food trucks and a kettle corn tent reside, along with the “Super Oldies” truck, which plays extremely loud music as you wait in line. This was the case when Kelsi Holbrook and I were there. This year, there were two people to greet and scare you as you waited: Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and a woman who held a baby doll attached to a noose. The cost per person was fairly cheap: only ten dollars. The wait in line, compared to places I have attended in the past, was not bad. We waited approximately an hour to get inside. 

Once inside, we received a tour guide, who carried a flashlight, as we would be traversing several flights of stairs. Each section we entered contained a certain theme, including a section with the Tim Curry representation of Pennywise and Georgie. A combination of strobe lights, loud noises, jump scares, and ridiculously disturbing masks make this attraction extremely frightening for the average attendee. My suggestion would be to not bring children under the age of eight, as there were several exceptionally gory props.

There was quite a bit of character breaking, but I do not think this would be the case for the average attendee. I managed to get the nun from the Conjuring 2 to giggle, but I doubt this would be the case for many other people. It should be noted that the actors at this attraction will not touch you. Overall, I would give this attraction a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

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