Haunted school makes the top of the list

This attraction definitely makes the top of the list. At $10 per person, it was definitely worth it. The hour long wait was worth it as well.

Oolitic, IN’s haunted school was a sight to see. A guide would take one group at a time, leading them through the attraction, screaming “fresh meat”. This would signal the actors that it was time to act and boy did they play their characters well.

The school was broken into different sections: a kitchen, a satanic meeting, Pennywise’s sewer, an upstairs, and a basement.

Due to my party’s and my unusual reactions towards actors (I told one of the actors that he needed to visit Sephora; Antonia Turner told another that his voice was muffled due to his mask, and the two of us said “please” when faced with chainsaw-wielding maniacs), we caused much character breaking.

The layout was also quite confusing and our 10-year-old guide wasn’t all that helpful.

Honestly, the character breaking and the layout are my only complaints. The costumes were amazingly horrific; the props enhanced everything; the creepy noises added to the terrifying atmosphere.

I would definitely go again. I give it a 4 of 5 stars.

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