Haunted train goes nowhere fast at Bakers Junction

A haunted train is a wonderful concept, but this idea went nowhere fast at Bakers Junction. For $10 per person, one would assume you would get your money’s worth. That wasn’t the case…at all. Bakers Junction is open every Friday and Saturday of October in Bloomington, IN, but I don’t think it should have opened at all. 

First, the entrance to the train is not obvious at all! I’d been inside the attraction for five minutes before realising that the horrid strobe lights and random screams were what I had paid for. On top of the complete confusion with entering, the layout itself was nearly impossible to navigate. The only lighting was dim and most of the lights were strobe lights. Random red bulbs would showcase a rotisserie station.

Filthy tarps of fast food logos littered the train, having no purpose and only taking away creepiness from the already not creepy attraction. Campfire smoke filled the attraction, and I still taste it even a day later.

Several doors were placed in one spot, but only one of them would open. Mirrors lined the walls, providing an illusion that the space was bigger than it was, which caused many an accident. Other doors were in the most unlikely of places that my party and I couldn’t find them.

The lights even went out at one point, during a maze of what seemed to be doors. I had already had enough trouble navigating that thing, and spent the entire time doubled over as I walked. Antonia even walked into something.

The few actors present just made things more confusing. There was no purpose for them. A couple of clowns blocked my way and wouldn’t let me through, and my party pushed me into them because it was so difficult to see. Someone in a gold mask randomly screamed at me. While clowns and screaming normally fit into a haunted attraction, these had no reason for existing. The entire attraction seemed to be “creepy” lighting and props. The actors weren’t needed.

In conclusion, do not–under any circumstances–pay $10 per ticket to go to Bakers Junction Haunted Train lest you wish to be disappointed. If I could, I’d give this a negative amount of stars.

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