Haunted Village of Spring Mill did not live up to expectations

The Haunted Village in Spring Mill is, in a word, adequate. There was no wait time, as the entire attraction was basically a large line that traversed through the village. The cost was exceptionally reasonable, with seven dollars for parking and two dollars per person. The scare factor, however, is low. With so many people around you, including your own group of friends and family, it is nearly impossible to be frightened by any of the actors. Because of this, the Spring Mill Haunted Village is exceptionally kid friendly, so if you intend to take children below the age of six, this is the place to take them.

There were several creative costumes, including one of a witch doctor with a snake wrapped about his neck, but there were also costumes that leapt straight from horror movie screens, including Freddy Krueger and the main character from the Saw series. This, rather than helping the experience, gave it a slightly corny effect, further lessening the scare factor, much to my dismay.

A few themes were explored, including a carnival filled with actors dressed as creepy clowns, and a section dedicated to an undead group of pioneers. Although creative, the themes could have been better. It would seem that varying levels of dedication were used in putting together each sections, and this did not bode well for the overall experience. Therefore, I must give this attraction, with its low prices yet unsatisfying scares, a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

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