Student council is holding a canned food drive for clearinghouse

Student council is holding a non-perishable and canned foods drive. This will be from Mon. Oct. 23 to Fri. Oct. 27. The proceeds that they receive from the drive will be going to the Scott County Clearinghouse.

“It’s for a greater good than just competing, it’s to help the clearing house and help people that can’t afford their own meals,” said Isaac Mount (12).

The 1st period class that gets the most cans or non-perishable foods will win Lon’s donuts. It will be scored on the ratio of items to student, meaning the class that brings in the most food per student will win. Peanut butter, mac ’n cheese and ramen noodles will be for extra points in the competition, while everything else is worth for one point. The cans will be collected at the end of the week.

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