800,000 immigrants left defenseless after DACA is taken away

800,000 children in the United States are protected under DACA. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This program was made to help protect children under immigration laws and to help with childhood deportation. Parents pay money to the government for their child or children to stay in the United States. However, President Donald Trump has now thrown that all away. He has taken away another resource for immigrants in this country. These 800,000 are now defenseless.

Personally, a few of my close family friends are associated with this program. I know how hard these parents work day in and day out to care for their children and ensure they will be safe and protected here in the U.S. These parents work two or more jobs anywhere that can, making minimum wage or less.

It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to know all this hard work is now for nothing. These children are now living in more fear than usual. All of this hard work has been thrown out the door, without a second thought. These kids are no longer guaranteed protection. They now have to face their everyday lives, living in fear, thinking, “What if someone suspects I’m illegal? What if someone found out and called?”

Could you imagine living your life like that? It’s a horrible thought. Unfortunately it’s the truth with these families now. How could our President take all of this away, just for his own selfish benefits?

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